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  • View photos like a slideshow
  • Quickly scroll from one photo to another
  • Draw in portrait or landscape
  • Multiple pen colors and line sizes
  • Choose to place an arrow at the end of a line
  • Multiple-level undo
  • Save, email, and share drawing on facebook
  • Simple toolbar does not get in way of photo

Wired Magazine – “...football teams can upload pages from a playbook and re-diagram them using Draw on Slides within an iPad’s photo album. Virtually any part of the playbook can be assessed and, possibly, altered.”

NextWave - “It's kind of like what John Madden used on TV to show you plays - the freeze frame and then diagram what could happen. This works on still images – it’s very simple and easy to use.”

Highly Rated

***** Surprisingly useful little App to use for small group presentations. Nice.
***** Why has it taken so long for an app like this to be developed? I love it.
***** Surprised at how fast the pictures are displayed. HD pictures load almost instantly.

slides slides slides
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